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Le Roadmap

Il s'agit d'un post pour créer le hashtag que je mettrai en lien sur mon site web

Trialling [redacted identity] on Plume

Fediverse Blogging for the Win

Portar la tecnologia a casa

Perquè els imbècils multimilionaris de la tecnologia són clarament uns fotuts

Apporter la technologie à la maison

Parce que les cons milliardaires de la technologie sont clairement des abrutis

Bringing the Technology Home

Because billionaire tech bros are clearly fuckwits

Coming Back to Plume

Because I am indecisive decisions get made like Elmo Musk in a Social Media Sweatshop

Hello World

Technically this is a test post

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The official federated blogging instance for OM.Gay, a site created during the eternal lockdowns of 20202122. I also run a WriteFreely instance, cos YOLO.

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